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World Hardfacing Challenge 2020
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abrasive wear hurts
Challenge Us!
Challenge us with your most difficult hardfacing challenge.
Every day, we work together with customers to find solutions by using hardfacing welding, which will reduce wear and make equipment perform better and last longer, regardless of the working conditions. Discovering new and better ways to keep our industries running without costly interruption is our mission every day. We will meet your challenge!
Deadline for submissions is December 1, 2020. Winner will be announced on or about January 4, 2021. Enter today!
Send us your problem and we’ll find a solution. Maybe that will be with one of our existing Postalloy hardfacing products, an application technique or together we develop a new product that fits your needs. A team of Postle Hardfacing Specialists will evaluate all the hardfacing challenges submitted. We will work closely with each of you to provide a solution to the problems that you face. At the end of the contest, we will then choose our favorite “Challenge” and publish the details. Our winner will receive a new Fronius Transpocket 180. At a minimum everyone will receive a recommendation to solve their wear challenge.
Fronius Transpocket 180
Fronius Tranpocket 180
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Please describe your wear problem in as much detail as possible. (Some things to include…what the part does, base material, what causes the abrasion and or impact. What strategy or products are you currently using to reduce wear? What type of welding equipment is available to use? What type of wear life are you currently seeing? What type of wear life do you want to achieve?)

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