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Postalloy® hardfacing products are engineered for maximum protection against surface wear due to impact, abrasion, and corrosion.
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Hardfacing alloys for extreme wear protection.
  • Collage including welder, auger, front end loader, power plant, sinter crusher, tracter with cultivater and sawmill
  • Forging Image
  • Coal Mining and hardfaced products
  • Tractor Pulling Cultivator
  • Offhsore Oil Drilling Platform
  • Front end loader loading lumber with inset of hog rotor and valve
  • Power station at night with inset showing coal pulverizing rolls and a pulverizer tire
  • Dredging barge with insets of boring head and dragline bucket
  • Recycling yard with insets of tire shredder knife and scrapard shear
  • Steel Production
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Postalloy® 2747-FCG is a tough iron base chrome/nickel/moly hot-working tool steel alloy.
  • Maximum wear resistance
  • Machinable
  • Hardness 44-47 RC (as tempered)
Postalloy® Postalloy 2747-FCG weld deposits are shock-resistant and are highly resistant to heat-checking, oxidation and wear.
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Postalloy® 299-MCO can help increase the life of critical components by up to 300% or more.
  • Increase service life by 2-3 times
  • Dramatically decrease costs
  • Available through world wide distribution network for fast delivery
Postalloy® 299-MCO is an extremely hard tungsten carbide hardfacing wire and is ideal for extreme earth abrasion applications .
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Postalloy® 2834-MCO chromium carbide hardfacing is specially formulated for applications with high abrasion and moderate impact.
  • Deposits polish in service
  • Heat resistant up to 1000 (531 C)
  • Can be used on a wide variety of metals
Postalloy® 2834-MCO is used on cane knives, colters, cane picker runners, discs, grain hammers, plow arms, sweeps and more.
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Postalloy® PS-11W are tungsten carbide, nickel base hardfacing wires used to hardface drill string stabilizers and in other applications.
  • Severe abrasion resistance
  • Impact resistant
  • Corrosion and heat resistant
  • Ideal in harsh drilling conditions
Information about hardbanding products including non-mag hardbanding is available at
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Postalloy® 2820-MCO produces a microstructure of specially sized carbides for maximum toughness.
  • Impact and abrasion resistant
  • Tougher than conventional chromium carbide alloys
  • Fewer stress relieving check-cracks
Postalloy® 2820-MCO is ideal for applications involving high impact combined with abrasion.
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Postalloy® PS-133 chromium carbide hardfacing provides extreme abrasion resistance.
  • Ultra high in carbon and chromium
  • Extremely high hardness
  • Heat Resistant to 1200°F (650°C)
Postalloy® PS133 is available in large diameters for automated applications where maximum deposit rates are required.
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Postalloy® 2829-MCO is a high chromium hardface used in many tough applications.
  • Drag line buckets
  • Dredge cutter head & teeth
  • Dredge pump side plates
  • And more!
Postalloy® 2829-MCO is a high chromium hardfacing alloy making it ideal for environments requiring a combination of high abrasion resistance with moderate impact resistance.
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Postalloy® SUPER-EDGE's abrasion resistance makes it the ideal choice for cutting edges.
  • Superior build up characteristic for welding along edges
  • Maximum life of cutting edges
  • Good Hot-hardness: up to 1150°F(620° C)
Postalloy® SUPER-EDGE is alloyed with tungsten and molybdenum which helps maintain a sharp edge even under high heat and extreme abrasion.
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Postalloy® 218HD Tubular Electrodes provide wear protection even at temperatures up to 1400°F (538°C).
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  • Allows hardfacing thin edges
  • Extremely low smoke volume
  • Easily applied overhead
Postalloy® Tubular Electrodes build up large deposits fast at low temperatures.
Hardface Technologies

Hardfacing alloys formulated with tungsten, chromium and niobium/columbium carbide, manganese, nickel and cobalt help ensure you get the maximum life of your equipment.
  • In house research and development means the latest hardfacing technology for you.
  • Tubular Electrodes make quick work of hardfacing large areas.
  • Hardfacing products for thin cutting edges allow hardfacing without compromising the base material.
  • Flux cored and submerged arc welding wires.

DuraChrome™ 2832-MCO

DuraChrome™ 2832-MCO (formerly part 2832-SPL) is a premium chromium carbide hardfacing alloy ideal for highly abrasive environments with mild or medium impact.