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POSTALLOY® PS-40 is a non-cracking hardfacing alloy excellent for use on cutting edges. The micro structure of PS 40 consists of a tough tool steel matrix with hard, tightly packed micro-constituents for added wear resistance. The alloy properties create a crack-free fracture resistant cutting edge even under high heat conditions created by extreme friction.
Product Type
Wire: Metal-cored, gas shielded
Deposits are slag free

Weld Deposit Properties
58-60 Rc
Maximum overlay  
Unlimited with proper procedures
Must be ground


Tire recycling knives
Cutting tools
Shear blades
Hot or cold trim dies

POSTALLOY® PS-40    Welding Parameters
Current: Reverse (DCEP)
Diameter Amps Volts Stick Out
1/16" (1.6mm)160-35026-313/4"-1"(19-25mm)
5/64" (2.0mm)250-42527-321"-1 1/2"(25-38mm)

Welding Procedure

Gas: 98%/2% Ar/Ox; Preheat: 350-500┬║F (177-260┬░C); Maximum Interpass: 850┬║F (454┬║C); Post Welding: Slow Cool