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POSTALLOY® 30 is a high strength, ductile, crack resistant welding alloy specifically designed for welding problem steels such as, low alloy, high carbon or crack sensitive tool steels. Ideal for welding dissimilar steels- low alloy, spring steels, carbon steels, tool steels. The benefits of POSTALLOY® 30 include:
• Excellent joining characteristics - With the combination of balanced alloy chemistry and high strength, crack resistant weld deposits, the capability to weld dissimilar problem steels is outstanding.
• Carbon has no adverse effects - Carbon, the cause of most problems associated with weld cracking and hard spots, is rendered harmless.
• Acts as a shock absorber during operation - Since POSTALLOY® 30 does not respond to heat-treatment and remains ductile, it has the ability to withstand heavy impact or shock loading.

Product Type

Flux-coated electrode

Also available as semi-automatic welding wire 301-SPL and 301-FCG.

Weld Deposit Properties
Tensile Strength  
Up to 120,000 psi
Machinable with Carbide Tools  
Deposits cannot be flame-cut  


Shafts and keyways
Gear tooth buildup
Stamping and forging dies
Shovel teeth and blades
Wear Plates

Heat-treating parts
Cracked steel casings
Jigs and fixtures
Chain links

POSTALLOY® 30    Welding Parameters
Current: AC or DC Reverse Polarity
Diameter Amps
3/32" (2.4mm)50-80
1/8" (3.1mm)80-125
5/32" (4.0mm)100-150

Welding Procedure

Clean weld area of contaminants. Remove any defective or fatigued weld metal. Bevel heavy sections 90˚. Tilt the electrode about 15˚ in the direction of travel and use the lowest amperage possible. For certain high alloy steels, a preheat of 300-400˚F(149-204˚C) is recommended. Hold a short arc and use stringer beads. Peen to reduce stresses. Allow to cool and remove slag.

Packaging Options
Standard Packaging
3/32" (2.4mm)
Resealable Plastic Box
1/8" (3.1mm)
Resealable Plastic Box
5/32" (4.0mm)
Resealable Plastic Box