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Postalloy® DuraBuild™
2892-MCG (formerly part 2892-SPL)

Postalloy® DuraBuild™ 2892-MCG is a medium hardness build-up welding wire with excellent compressive strength. Recommended for applications where weld deposits must provide good metal-to-metal wear resistance, but still be machinable "as welded". Use on carbon and low alloy steels.

Product Type

Wire: Metal-Cored, Gas-shielded
Deposits are slag-free.
Also available as a flux-cored, open-arc wire - Postalloy 2892-FCO

Electrode equivalent: Postalloy® 27

Weld Deposit Properties
Hardness: 32-38Rc  
Maximum Deposit Thickness: Unlimited  
Deposits can be flame-cut  
Machinable with carbide tools  


Machine components
Gear teeth
Steel mill parts

Under carriage idlers and rollers
Carbon steel railroad track components

Postalloy® DuraBuild™ 2892-MCG    Welding Parameters
Current: Use DC Electrode Positive
Short Arc Amps Volts Stick Out
.045" (1.1mm) 90-200 15-21 1/2"(12mm)
1/16" (1.6mm)150-220 18-213/4"(19mm)
Spray Arc Amps Volts Stick Out
.045" (1.1mm) 250-325 27-30 5/8"(15mm)
1/16" (1.6mm)300-37527-303/4"(19mm)
Packaging Options
Standard Packaging
.045" (1.1mm)
25 lb spool
1/16" (1.6mm)
25 lb spool