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Postalloy® DuraMang™
Postalloy®  DuraMang™ 2865-FCO is a flux-cored, open-arc hardfacing wire that deposits fully austenitic chromium-manganese weld metal. It can be used equally well for joining and build-up/surfacing of carbon, low alloy and manganese steels. Weld deposits have an excellent combination of weld metal strength, ductility and hardness. Work-hardens rapidly under repeated impact. Deposits have very good frictional wear properties and are ideal for railroad applications requiring metal-to-metal wear resistance. Ideal as a cushioning or buffer layer on manganese steel parts that will be repeatedly rebuilt. Since it will not embrittle until 1000°F (538°C), it will act as an insulator to the manganese base metal in helping it keep below 500°F (260°C) during the welding operation.
Product Type
Wire: Flux-cored, Open-arc
Electrode equivalent: Postalloy® 207

Weld Deposit Properties
Tensile Strength  
122,000 psi
Yield Strength  
80,000 psi
Hardness as deposited  
Work-hardens up to  
Deposits cannot be flame-cut  

Pulverizing hammers
Gyratory crusher mantles
Dragline and power shovel bucket lips and teeth
Crusher rolls and jaws
Sizing screens
Cone and roll shells
Grizzly bars
Hammer mill hammers
Steel mill wobblers

Postalloy® DuraMang™ 2865-FCO    Welding Parameters
Current: DC Electrode Positive and Globular Metal Transfer
Diameter Amps Volts Stick Out
.045" (1.1mm)100-175 24-28 1"(25mm)
1/16" (1.6mm)150-250 26-291"-1ÂĽ"(25-32mm)
7/64" (2.8mm)300-45024-281¼"-1½"(32-38mm)
Packaging Options
Standard Packaging
Special Packaging Available
.045" (1.1mm)
25 lb spool
110 lb drum, 220 lb drum
1/16" (1.6mm)
25 lb spool
55 lb coil, 110 lb drum, 220 lb drum
7/64" (2.8mm)
55 lb coil, 110 lb drum, 220 lb drum