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Postalloy® 2808-FCG is a flux-cored, gas-shielded nickel base hard surfacing alloy with an excellent combination of toughness, resistance to thermal shock, frictional metal-to-metal wear and heat resistance. Machinable deposits are especially resistant to deformation from repeated impact at high temperatures. Weld deposits work-harden and age-harden in service, providing good wear resistance and will not chip, crack or spall.
Product Type
Wire: Flux-cored, gas-shielded

Weld Deposit Properties
Hardness as deposited   
up to 45Rc
Heat Resistance up to 1500┬░F(816┬░C)  
Deposits are machinable  

Overlaying forging dies
Hot metal handling equipment
Hot forming dies
Hot shear blades
Ingot tong bits

Postalloy® 2808-FCG    Welding Parameters
Current: Use DC Electrode Positive
Diameter Amps Volts Stick Out
.045" (1.1mm)120-200 23-27 1/2"-5/8"(12-15mm)
1/16" (1.6mm)150-25024-283/4" (19mm)

Welding ProcedureUse DC Reverse Polarity with a globular type metal transfer. Gas Coverage - 75% Argon / 25% CO2.
Packaging Options
Standard Packaging
.045" (1.1mm)
5 lb spool, 25 lb spool
1/16" (1.6mm)
33 lb spool